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Testimonials & Pictures

I wanted to just send along a couple of photos of Kaiya and let you know that she is the absolute love of my life. She is the most fantastic puppy and so incredibly well behaved. She has an incredible temperament - gets along so well with other dogs, loves people, has constant energy for adventures, but is always calm and behaved in the apartment. Her favorite things are leaves and sticks right now. We took her to the beach and she LOVES to dig in the sand and swim in the water. 


I can not thank you enough, she brings so much joy to my life every single day. 

Sara, 2018

Woody is amazing and we couldn’t possibly love him any more!! He’s incredibly smart, listens very well, and he’s drop dead gorgeous!!

— Nianna, 2018

Vixey is doing really well! She’s been such a joy to have, we love her so much!

—Samantha, 2019

We just wanted to update you as well on Rylee and Autumn they are doing so great. We can’t believe they’re almost 9 months, time has totally flown with them! We love them so so much. I've attached some photos so you can see what they look like now, they are so beautiful we’re always getting compliments from others on them.

-Abigail & Ryan, 2018

Chloe just had her birthday. She is a super friendly dog, with both people and dogs. She is very active with lots of friends at the neighborhood park. 

She is special part of our family now. 

—Dave, 2018

Thought I’d send some recent pics of our girl Lucca. She really is Ms. Personality!! She’s now 50 pounds. We can’t thank you enough for breeding such smart, strong & beautiful girl!!

— Josie & Ken 2018

It’s great to hear from you, and Indy appreciates the birthday wishes! He is doing great! He is the perfect companion for running, hiking, and everyday life. He’s become quite the impressive frisbee dog as well. He can really chase them down and catch them with a flying leap. He’s also very protective of his humans, which we appreciate. His favorite game, by far, is tug of war. He will happily play for upwards of ten minutes at full effort. It’s very impressive. 

-Paul & Lauren, 2019

Thank you so so much for wishing Mavis her first birthday! Glad to hear from you. I'm attaching a few images of Mavis, she's turned into such a lovely and well behaved girl, her temperament is amazing, everyone that meets her falls in love with her personality!

— Rachel, 2019

River is doing wonderfully. He has blossomed into an amiable, caring, and playful dog. He weighed in at just a hair over 50lbs 3 weeks ago. He is very strong and is starting to show his athleticism and endurance.

— Devon, 2019

He’s doing great. He’s currently at 51 lbs. We’re not really sure when he’ll stop growing lol. He has 3 best friends that he plays with every day. They’re all golden retrievers. He’s very athletic and loves porcupine stuffed animals. Here are some current photos. 

-Damian 2019

Yes! Remington is doing well.
Remington I feel is on the smaller size for a male, but healthy per our vet. He’s approx 48 pounds and about 21 inches at the withers. He went camping a few weeks ago in Mammoth and loved both the hiking and the water.

— Katlyn, 2019

Nala One Year.jpeg

Nala is the best thing that has ever happened to me we go on so many adventures together and she’s truly the most amazing dog ever. She’s so intelligent and well trained, she gets so excited to see family, we go camping and on bike rides all the time. We’re living our best lives! And I have you guys to thank for that 💗

-Vallerie 2020

Roy One Year.jpeg

Just wanted to let you know how amazing Roy AKA Harbor is. He has completed obedience training, and we are now doing tricks and agility.    

He is such a happy dog, always looking to go on our adventures and make sure all our family members are accounted for.  

Thank you for a great fifth family member!


He looks just like his Dad.

-Barb 2020


Pearl - our 8 year old Aussie from H and H

We are just contacting you to say THANK YOU for a love of our lives! We brought our Aussie home 8 years ago and named her Pearl. She continues to be so smart, loving, gorgeous, and amazing! She has been, and done, so many things with us.

-Julie 2020

Penny 1.jpeg

Penny is doing great, and has been a ball of energy and fun! :)

She’s has been happy and healthy and is an absolute sweetheart, currently weighing 42lbs.

-C & D 2020

03 Ember (L) & Gracie (R).jpg

Ember & Gracie are both doing exceptionally well and have weaseled their way into the center of our family. They are the most fantastic puppies; (and now adults) so well behaved with such incredible temperaments. They get along so well with other dogs. They love people, and have constant energy for adventure and are eager to learn.  
Adopting both girls “together” and bringing them home with us was the best decision we could have made; both for us and for them.

-Gene, Lynn, & Michael 2020

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