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Go Home Day

*All pups are De-wormed 5 out of the 8 weeks they are here with us. (We use Panacur & Pyrantel Pamoate)
*All pups begin their wellness care by getting Nuvet Vitamins daily
*All pups receive 1 wellness shot at 7 weeks and if they stay with us longer they will receive their 2nd wellness shot at 10 weeks 
*All Puppies go home when they are healthy & their new homes are ready. 
*We use a high quality puppy food specially formulated for puppies- Kirkland Natures Domain Grain-Free- 

*We send home a helpful tips & tricks info. sheet with all the go home info. as well

 *All pups go home with 
       -a 3-day supply of this food 
       -a Toy 

       -a Blanket (to bring familiar smells home)
       -Current shots with a current shot record 
       -All testing information we have on their parent
       -the AKC registration information
       -the NuVet Vitamin information & a sample

Here is an example:

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