Our Retired Girls

Double Delight Darling H & H ( Rose). She is a RED-MERLE registered with AKC, ASCA. Her pedigree boasts Champions and some wonderful HOF (hall of fame) Kennels. She has a wonderful straight soft coat and beautiful Copper.She weighs in at 40 lbs. She has excellent working dog traits and a sweet temperament.  We LOVE her so :)  
Her HC- n/n
MDR-1 n/n
CEA- n/n
CD- n/n
CMR1- n/n
DM- n/n
D-Locus D/D
OFA HIPS- Excellent 12-17

Last eye cerf. 12-18

This is beautiful Our Little Miss Molly H and H (Bunny) is registered through AKC /ASCA. She is out of our own Kennel with a personality to die for- Her parents are: Blessed Hope Theadorable x Miss Molly H and H-She has an old soul and is very warm and loving- Just like her mom and dad!! She loves being around the puppies and is an excellent mother to them. She weighs in at 45 lbs and has a coat like her parents- The fluffy hair on her hind she gets from her parents- She is a dark liver tri with a perfect amount of copper-
MDR-1 is n/n
HC is n/n
Hips OFA'd- Excellent and her Elbows are OFA'd as Normal- 

Rock Star Ready H and H (Roxy). She is registered with AKC & ASCA She is out of Alaska Crimson Tundra Evermore x Blue Dots Sadie. She has a current eye cerf. She has been DNA'd with ASCA. Roxy is a typical aussie where she needs to meet you first. She is very loyal and extremely smart. She weighs in at a solid 55 lbs and has a great coat along with nice bone. Her red-merle is just beautiful- rich reds and her copper is also deep in color- 
MDR-1 is n/n
HC is n/n
Hips OFA'd- Good

This is Layla Away The Blues H and H. She isregistered with AKC, ASCA She is retired as of August 2017. Her pedigree boasts Champions and Hall of Fame backgrounds. She is out of Norco Calif. From Paula Baker- JCB Technicolor Big Jake x Mi-T Sweet Jazzmin. She has a wonderful coat with two blue eyes and a current eye cerf. Her hips are OFA'd as Excellent. Layla weighs in at 36lbs. She has been DNA'd for the HSF-4 which is the Hereditary Cataract Gene and her tests results are negative/negative or (n/n)- Her MDR1 is mutant/normal which simply means that she may have an alergic reaction to a small amount of medications- She has also been DNA'd with ASCA- Layla is a sweet girl- She is our middle childs dog and sleeps on her bed every night.

This is Blue Dots Sadie who came to us from a kennel out in Bakersfield. who is retired as of  December 2012. She is registered with AKC,ASCA.The breeder is Diane Lucas of Blue Dot Aussies. Sadie is a rescue dog and continues to show great progress.. Her bone structure is good along with great markings and just enough copper to show off her fun side. Her eye cerf. was current. Her Hips are OFA'd as "GOOD" She is excellent with children and is a wonderful addition and member of our pack.

This is Red Ruby and she is a true beauty. She is registered with ASCA,CKC . She was retired in 2013. She is well proportioned with stunning markings. Her coat is straight but not heavy. She has wonderful bone and an obedient pesonality.She is a great mom. We have had many years of true companionship and well adjusted puppies. Her eye cerf. is current. and her hips are OFA'd as Excellent.

Our Girls Who Retired Before 2011


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