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Remi and Atty's NSDR registered pups are HERE!!

They were born March 6th. She had 6 healthy babies. She had 4 Red-Tris & Bis, 1 Black-Bi, and 1 Blue Merle female.

 Scroll down for a group pic and individual pictures!! 



Red-Tri Female



Red-Bi Female







Red-Tri Male

2 blue eyes



Red-Bi Male

1 blue eye



Blue-Merle Female


The Parents

H&H Remington Acero

(Alaska Crimson Evermore x H & H Power Red Ruby)

We are so very proud to have this beautiful girl here at H and H Aussies:)  She is registered through ASCA and NSDR. She is out of our own Kennel and her parents are Alaska Crimson Evermore x H and H Power Red Ruby. This is a cross that we had yearly and was an ALL Red litter- Ruby and Alaska consistently threw some of the most beautiful red- puppies!! We retired Ruby this past year and it was a pleasure to be able to keep one of their off-spring for my own. Her markings are so symmetrical with deep red merling. Her copper points are also very rich and she boasts a full collar along with excellent bone. She has a warm loving nature, very mellow and such a great companion. 
HC- n/n
MDR-1 n/n
CEA- n/n
CD- n/n
CMR1- n/n
DM- n/n
D-Locus D/D
HIPS OFA'd as Good.

Eye Cerf. 2-2-18

Wild Oaks Attikus Blue H and H

(Wild Oaks Ranches Nelson x Horse Creeks Oakley of the Wild Oaks Ranch)

Wild Oaks Attikus Blue H and H (Atty) is registered through AKC & NSDR. He is calm and loving and very cool with his blue eyes- Atty has been DNA'd for 2 copies of tan points- So even though he is marked as a bi colored, he has the potential to throw tan points :) He's a stocky boy with excellent bone.   

MDR1-Normal/Normal HSF4-Negative/Negative 

CEA- n/n

CD- n/n

CMR1- n/n

DM- n/n

OFA Hips- Excellent

Eye cerf. 8-18

Remi's Ultrasound :)

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