Australian Shepherds

~Standard & Miniature~


We have been breeding standard Australian Shepherds in beautiful Southern California for over 15 years. And have had healthy Mini Aussie litters since 2017. My name is Melissa and I am the daughter of Heather who used to breed Standard Australian Shepherds. 


All of our puppies will be AKC register-able and the parents will have their health checks completed. This includes Eye Certification, Hips OFA'd, and Genetic Testing.


Is to produce healthy and loving companions with excellent temperaments.


The Ackerman's

A few things about Indy, he requires cuddle time EVERY morning. We get out almost every day to have some fun outside. He's also very social.  Saying hello to everyone of every size.
On a more serious note, he defended our home to some would be robbers a few weeks ago when we were out to dinner!  
Lots of love to the family that helped complete our family.

The Taylor's

Katie is a wonderful Aussie,and she really enjoys Molly (our almost 10 year old Aussie). Katie also loves people including everyone that lives in her house. Katie loves to go on walks, and socialize with other dogs and people. She also loves riding in cars taking her boys to school each morning. And we found out she loves water and loves to swim and play fetch when there is water involved.  

The Guest's

Hi Heather, it’s been awhile since I updated you on Nikki. She is such a wonderful creature I love her dearly. She is truly a blessing to my family. She’s little over 2 years old now. She is so easy to teach new tricks. Take care!


Our Home

Located in Beautiful Southern California

We live on an Acre property with large grass areas. We also have a c sand box for the pups & adults to grow up on. We also have air conditioned kennels all with an outside run area for our adults.  

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Willow One Year
Atty at 2 and Haven at 6 mo
All blue eyes and Lacey
Archie One Year
Trudy ((Our First Aussie))
Tessa & Leelo Sister Love
Ollie 5 months old


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